5 Benefits of Highly Trained Engineers

5 Benefits of Highly Trained Engineers

Engineering teams form the backbone of many ATM service organisations as they are responsible for all maintenance and repair work.

ISOs may be unable to meet their contracts’ pre-established uptimes if Engineers haven’t reached a sufficient skill level and this can become a severe financial burden.

Many engineers are capable of conducting routine tasks; however, some are not sufficiently skilled to complete the more complex repair works.

Investing in regular training courses for staff is a great way to bolster their skills and this will have positive effects on the performance of the department as a whole.

Here are 3 additional benefits to using an ATM Engineer training course for your business:

1. Staying up to date

The ATM industry is constantly evolving and technology previously seen to be to cutting edge is frequently being replaced by newer and more advanced versions.

Adapting to these changes is crucial in order to continue satisfying your customers and to retain business long into the future.

Training courses are the perfect way to get your engineers up to scratch with the latest developments and will help prevent problems from occurring in the field as a result of inadequate knowledge and experience.

By having more highly skilled engineers, you can ensure you have a key differentiator by offering a superior level of service over your competitors.

2.  Refresher training

Refresher training courses are designed to reaffirm existing skills and knowledge amongst your workforce to ensure your teams have the skills needed to complete work effectively.

It’s easy for bad habits to be adopted over time, however, this can cause a number of quality issues in the estates your business manages.

By sending employees on periodic refresher courses, they will be able to re-learn best practices and this will ensure your company is able to consistently deliver high quality maintenance work.

Refresher courses can help to re-affirm best practices on troubleshooting, correct part removal / replacement and more advanced theory.

These skills help to reduce the time required for engineer visits and this will inevitably increase the overall uptime of the estates you manage.

3.  Specialist Skills

Specialist skills are required when either a new estate is acquired and / or when current customers are looking at installing new modules or ATM models.  If training on new modules is carried out ahead of the contract it reduces start up issues with the estate. 

Training should be scheduled as close to the go live date as possible in order to ensure engineers can retain as much knowledge as possible.

Expanding the skillset of your team will help to achieve a more flexible and efficient department as more work can be completed without the need to hire additional staff or outsource projects.

4.  Tailored Training

By choosing a specialist provider, training can easily be tailored to meet the needs of your engineers on a case-by-case basis.

This helps your company get the best return on investment by only providing your team with the information and support they truly require.

TestLink will work to establish the current proficiency of your staff.  The results of our initial assessment will enable us to design a bespoke course which is most relevant to you.

Not only does this maximise the value of these courses, it ensures you are only paying for the training you require.

5.  Increased Staff Morale

Experience also tells us that formal training improves department morale as a whole.

Additional training helps employees understand they are being invested in, provides a sense of progression and increases job satisfaction.

This will not only help to reduce turnover for current staff but will also provide added value as prospective employees acknowledge the training and development your business offers.

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