To be the global ATM service partner you can rely on, we have gone to lengths to ensure that we can offer you a full range of services that meet your various needs and challenges.

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TestLink Approved ATMs

TestLink is different from most other ATM suppliers. We specialise in entirely remanufactured ATMs which saves our clients up to 70% off the cost of a new machine and is better for the environment.

All of our machines are stripped to their component parts and rebuilt to manufacturer’s specification with the latest operating platforms installed.

All of our machines leave us with our TestLink guarantee to perform as well as a new machine.

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ATM Parts

TestLink both sources and manufactures the highest quality range of ATM parts to provide you with components you need to maintain your estate to factory standards or higher.

So confident are we in the quality of our parts, we offer you a 90-day, no quibble, guarantee.

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ATM Upgrades

Sometimes factory standard just isn’t good enough so we’ve developed a range of upgrades to enhance the performance and user experience of your ATM estate.

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ATM Parts Repair

ATMs breakdown, it’s an inescapable truth, but when it comes to your user’s money, they expect access to their cash 24 hours a day.

In order to maximise uptime and minimise malfunctions, all parts that come to us for repair undergo an intensive remanufacturing process.

This comprehensive review keeps the components in the machine for longer, increasing your network’s uptime.

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Advance Exchange

The Advance Exchange programme takes the stress out of ATM repairs.

As soon as you notify us of your component needs we send them out the same day, without waiting for the faulty component to arrive.

This significantly reduces down time and improves the end user experience.

By subscribing to the service you cut down your stock holding and reduce running costs.

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Inventory Services

Large inventories means investment sat on the shelves collecting dust.

Our Outsourced Parts Management Service manages your inventory to create a requirements forecast based on historic data and the rate at which components move around your network.

This means a reduced inventory but a marked reduction in repair turnaround times.

We work in partnership with you to keep you inventory up to date whether that’s introducing new parts or phasing out old ones.

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