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We are a market leading independent FinTech services provider with an innovative approach

Since 1991 TestLink has been working with banks, service organisations and Independent ATM Deployers to provide their customers with ATM networks that deliver high availability and cutting edge security.

But we don't just do this by providing the best parts, industry leading engineering and inventory solutions, and innovative security technology developed in house and available exclusively to our clients. We're unique because we specialise exclusively in remanufactured ATMs which allows us to offer you savings of up to 70%.

By restoring these machines to their factory best we save you money and do our part for the environment.

Every one of our machines is stripped, inspected, remanufactured and reassembled to factory standards (or better) so you can have an ATM solution that you can rely on.


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Balance costs with efficiency and run your ATM network without compromise. We specialise in supporting Banks all the way from installation to secure disposal.

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Maximise uptime while keeping tight control of budgets. Ensure your engineers have the best parts and training in order to retain and grow your network.

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Sourcing quality parts and training engineers are just two of the many challenges involved in maintaining multiple estates. Tailored services that meet these needs can make the difference in achieving your SLAs.

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ATM Parts

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ATM Sales

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ATM Services

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ATM Products

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