This is how you can combat the resurgence of card trapping crime!

This is how you can combat the resurgence of card trapping crime!

Like many Banks, ATM Deployers and other financial institutions, over recent years you may have deprioritised the prevention of card trapping, as more sophisticated fraud techniques have developed and become the more favoured means of attack by cash nabbing criminals. This is set to change. 

We are seeing a resurgence of card trapping attacks on UK ATMs, with daily attack figures spiking considerably compared to the last few years. Criminals have returned to traditional card trapping and retrieving techniques, this time without the need to obtain your customers PIN before they begin totting up the transactions. 

This may be due to the rise of contactless payment technology, with daily limits increasing and more and more contactless terminals in use fraudsters can now use ATMs to collect cards and have easy access to profit from their crimes. 

Our ATM Technical Expert, Martin, has been working closely with clients to ensure their ATMs are protected…

“We’ve developed an effective card reader protection device that acts a mechanical inhibitor and completely prevents all fraudulent objects from entering the machine, including deep insert skimming devices and a range of card trapping devices. This protective anti-fraud device will work on all NCR and Wincor models, with a specially designed version for the NCR 66 series models in development. 

We’ve conducted extensive field tests to ensure maximum security for our customers and the results have been impressive. These tests took place in areas experiencing high volumes of card trapping attacks, one ATM was experiencing at least 3 attacks a day and since fitting the device over a month ago there hasn’t been a single successful attack.” 

Due to the success our customers are experiencing using our Card Reader Protection kits, and what previous experience has taught us, it’s likely that these waves of crime will move across different ATM estates and locations. It’s important to act quickly to prevent this resurgence from hitting your machines, or quickly stop the attacks if they have already begun to rise.

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