Save £1000s with our remanufactured Windows 10 ready ATMs

Save £1000s with our remanufactured Windows 10 ready ATMs

TestLink remanufactured ATMs can save you at least 70% compared to buying new from the manufacturer, meaning you keep hold of several 1000s of Pounds, Euros and Dollars when upgrading your estate. What's more, the processes we use mean that the ATMs not only look like new they are likely to be even more reliable that a new machine, producing even further savings in maintenance and repairs.

Our team will build ATMs to your exact specification, you get the perfect ATM. We also have incredibly short lead times. You don't need to accept lengthy timeframes and wait for months, we can fulfil orders in a matter of weeks or days and sometimes even hours. We can even take care of the whole process, including installation and commissioning.

Choosing TestLink ATMs is the environmentally friendly option as we are reutilising existing assets. We're not manufacturing new product and we're reducing the volume of ATM product heading for landfill.

We have a number of expertly refurbished NCR 66 series ATMs, 6625s, 6622s and 6634s with impressive specifications that will give you massive savings compared to buying brand new. 

  • CEN III Safe
  • Windows 10 ready Estoril core
  • U-IMCRW motorised card reader
  • 15" sunlight view-able monitor with FDK

Simply email or call +44 1202 621100 to place an order or get more information. Ask us about our many other makes and models, including NCR, Wincor, Hyosung, Triton and Diebold

When you buy from TestLink you also get:

  • Advice - take advantage of our 30 years of experience 
  • Our 90-day 'no-quibbles' guarantee
  • Fast delivery times
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Further price reductions when ordering larger quantities

TestLink, maximising the life and availability of ATMs

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