Protecting customers with Security

Security is one of the biggest concerns for ATM users around the world. From skimming scams to cash trappers, the threats to your network pose a risk to both your bottom line and your credibility.

Customers are slow to trust and quick to lose faith so you need to make sure that your machines are equipped with the best security measures and countermeasures available.


ATM Security


Pin Guard

Card skimming is one the most prevalent forms of ATM fraud, costing economies millions around the world. In Europe it accounts for 92% of all ATM related crime and drastically undermining customer confidence in ATM use.

Pin Guards provide a cost effective solution to protect your customers from this kind of attack. Available in a number of different models to suit any configuration.

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Anti Cash Trappers

Cash Trapping attacks are an expensive problem to have. Not only does it cost the UK economy tens of millions of pounds each year, it can affect your brand in the eyes of the end-user.

Policing your ATM machines also takes your engineers away from their duties, impacting on productivity and profitability.

Our anti cash trapper devices prevent criminals from inserting cash trappers into the cash dispenser, eliminating the problem altogether.

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Anti Black Box Cables

A growing number of ATM criminals are opting for more aggressive tactics. Amongst the most popular of these escalated attacks is Black Boxing.

Invasive in nature, attackers physically breach the outer shell and bypass the ATMs core. Then by using something as simple as a pre-programmed circuit board, instruct the ATM to dispense cash.

Needless to say that these attacks are costly both in terms of the loss of cash but the physical damage to the unit as well.

Whilst we can do little about the criminals breaching the shell, we can do something about their ability to hack your estate.

Our anti black box cables re-route the data feed making it impossible for criminals to access and bypass the core.

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Ram raid attacks remain one of the most common forms of ATM attack in the world. Whilst it lacks subtlety, it’s a very direct route to the safe located at the heart of the machine.

Raminator mounting plates prevent the attacker from breaking the ATM free of its anchoring, therefore keeping the safe where it belongs.

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Secure Disposal / End of Life

Disposing safely of an ATM requires specialist facilities and an experienced team.

We make sure that all components are disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion and the sensitive components disposed of securely.

Secure destruction of sensitive devices removes the possibility of them being used for fraudulent purposes.

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