TestLink Approved ATMs

TestLink Approved ATMs

TestLink are unique because we specialise exclusively in remanufactured NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs which allows us to offer you savings of up to 70%.

We do this because the vast majority of ATMs that are replaced are perfectly serviceable, secure and functional. By restoring these machines to their factory best we save you money and do our part for the environment.

Every one of our machines is stripped, inspected, remanufactured and reassembled to factory standards (or better) so you can have an ATM solution that you can rely on.

Furthermore, as an independent company, we are able to offer you complete support for all OEM's without compromise.

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Benefits of remanufactured ATMs

  • Lower cost than buying new, saving up to 70%
  • Provision of a complete managed installation programme using refurbished ATM’s
  • Maintain a standardised estate which is­ easier to maintain
  • Environmentally friendly as reutilising existing assets
  • Upgrading means no compliance issues

TestLink Approved

Our comprehensive remanufacturing process is far more than a simple refurbishment.

Every ATM undergoes extensive refurbishment, installed with substantial upgrades to improve software performance as well as ensure the smooth and consistent operation of mechanical parts.

These upgrades not only reduce the likelihood of future faults from occurring, but also improve the experience for end users by accurately dispensing cash notes in a time efficient manner.

Every one of our ATMs is certified TestLink Approved – our promise to you that every one of our ATMs is 100% fit for purpose and full functional.

If you’re not completely satisfied we will replace the unit within the first 90 days, no questions asked.

Installation and Commissioning

Planning, installation and commissioning are also available as part of a separate, overall managed service.

Utilising our experienced project managers allows you to reduce the timescales associated with deployment as well as to continuously drive down the costs of your projects. Project Managers can provide a variety of optional services including CAD drawings, building surveys and more.

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