Secure Destruction

Secure Disposal

There are nearly 3 million ATMs active in the world at any one time. Each year thousands reach their operational end of life.

To ensure that your retired machines are disposed of safely, securely and in an environmentally conscientious way, we provide you with a secure disposal service designed to give you peace of mind.

TestLink’s Secure Destruction service helps dozens of customers, including well known banks and IADs to dispose of their ATMs and to date haven helped our customers securely dispose over 11,000 data sensitive devices.Image-Destruction

Using our secure storage facility, we are able to take apart your ATM and make sure that all sensitive data and branding are destroyed in compliance with industry best practice. After doing so, we will provide you with full certification for each asset, confirming its destruction.

Because of the secure nature of the process, further information can be found in the first instance by contacting us either by phone or email from a registered company web domain.

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