ATM Upgrades

Improving ATMs With Upgrades

We are always looking for new ways to improve your ATMs so we have devised some upgrades to enhance performance and make for a better user experience for your customers.

NCR ATM Diagnositics

ATMdesk is a low cost and fully functional diagnosis tool for all NCR Persona and Selfserv ATMs. Designed to make ATM diagnosis easier for all, ATMdesk is already used by hundreds of IADs and ISOs worldwide and is recognised as the leading independent NCR ATM diagnosis solution.

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LCD Screen Upgrade Kit

Designed in-house by our engineering team, our upgrade kit fpr the NCR 56XX allows you to make significant savings on the OEM alternative, without the need to sacrifice on quality of design and manufacture.

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LED Logo Panel Upgrade Kit

Flickering fluorescent tubes can be a significant cause of ATM failure, causing power spikes that can force the ATM to enter a forced reset cycle, or worse, completely short out. LED panels avoid this problem and provide enhanced light levels.

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