NCR ATM Diagnostics

NCR ATM Diagnostics

ATM desk is a low cost and fully functional diagnosis tool for all NCR Persona and Selfserv ATMs. Designed to make ATM diagnosis easier for all, ATMdesk is already used by hundreds of IADs and ISOs worldwide and is recognised as the leading independent NCR ATM diagnosis solution.

ATMdesk's simple menu screen lets you quickly access the diagnostics tests you need


ATMdesk has been designed from the ground-up to be as easy to use as possible, with minimal training required to learn how to use it.

Thanks to its use of boot disks, ATMdesk is up and running within seconds, and instantly presents users with a simple and intuitive menu structure which can be operated via buttons or touchscreen on either the front or rear screens (if supported by the ATM). Once completed, detailed test reports can be printed instantly, showing what errors were found and what work has been done on the ATM, without the need for your engineers to write it out by hand.

Status Codes

One of the most time consuming tasks of using ATM diagnosis software is the translation of the NCR status keys from the proprietary NCR Diagnostic Status Code book. ATMdesk negates this need, and instantly shows the name and description of the error next to the error code without the need to look them up, saving both time and the possibility of error.


ATMdesk is run from a specialised boot disk or USB, and not from the ATMs internal disk drive. This means no trace of the software is left in the ATM and that no software changes are required on the ATM itself, enabling your engineers to use the software in a safe environment without the need to access information stored on the hard drive.


ATMdesk takes a straightforward approach to licensing, providing a choice of two licensing models time limited and per-boot. Both of which are multi-tiered to make sure that you are only ever paying for the licenses you need, and no more.

Supported ATM Models

  • NCR 53XX
  • NCR 56XX
  • NCR Persona 58XX
  • NCR Selfserv 66XX

(New devices added on a regular basis)


  • Much more cost effective than other diagnostics solutions
  • Feature rich software which has regular free updates
  • Flexible licensing that lets you purchase only what you need
  • No need to enter any associated service contracts