Cassette Testers

Cassette Testers

An incorrectly configured cash cassette can result in an ATM dispensing more cash than it’s supposed to. Aside from the public embarrassment, it’s a costly mistake that shatters confidence in your network.

Although misconfiguring a cassette is easily done, it doesn’t take many mistakes of this kind for networks to shrink and customer confidence to fall.

This is why we developed the S1 and S2 NCR Cassette Testers.

Built in house by our UK engineering team, both the S1 and S2 NCR cassette tester works with multiple cassette types, and is already used by many cash-in-transit and service organisations to help prevent costly configuration errors and mitigate the cost of defective cassettes.

Instant Configuration Display

Testing the configuration of an NCR cassette can be time consuming, requiring the engineer to take the time to insert each cassette into the ATM to check the configuration against its label.

The NCR Cassette Tester negates this difficulty by allowing your engineers to view the configuration instantly, simply by inserting the cassette into the test device and reading the LED indicator light that corresponds to its configuration.

Cash Low Tester

Moving the cash low sensor manually while the cassette is in the NCR Cassette Tester, the engineer is also able to quickly verify the cash low sensor at the back of the cassette is working correctly.

Faulty Shutter Detection

A fault with the shutter at the back of an NCR cassette can be difficult to detect, as the shutter can appear to work when not in the ATM, and then freeze once inserted into the ATM. The NCR Cassette Tester has an angled mirror at the back, which allows the engineer to instantly view the shutter in action and check its operation.

Easy to Use

Our NCR Cassette testers are easy to use meaning you can test large batches of cassette efficiently. They are compact and portable, no dditional equipment, software or installation is required.

You can watch our NCR S2 Cassette Tester in action in the video below...

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