Pin Guard

Pin Guard

Customer confidence is vital to the long term future of the ATM industry. With criminals becoming every more sophisticated in their methods, protecting your customer is more important than ever.

Card skimming scams has become the more prevalent form of ATM fraud, with 92% of all ATM fraud in Europe perpetrated in this way.

In order to protect your customers and limit your losses, we have developed the PINGuard™ range, a leading anti-distraction and ‘shoulder surfing’.


The PINGuard™ is a cost effective solution for preventing card fraud. Using its high quality transparent polycarbonate shield, the PINGuard™ protects against camera and ‘shoulder surfing’  attacks by blocking the line of sight, so that only the customer can see the pin code entered on the ATM.

We can provide you a solution to fit almost any ATM model and its straight forward setup means installation takes just a few minutes, avoiding downtime and requires no modification to the ATM.

PINGuard™ is a reliable, durable and cost effective solution that can virtually eliminate skimming scams, frustrating criminals and dramatically improving customer confidence in your network.

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