For all the advances in ATM attacks in recent years, ram raid attacks still remain one of the most common and destructive methods employed to gain access to the cash machine's safe.

Attackers attempt to sheer the bolts that hold the ATM in place by either towing or driving into the machine. Once dislodged, the machine is stolen and broken into.

Whilst little can be done to dissuade criminals from attacking ATMs in this dangerous manner, equipping your machines with a Raminator mounting plate can absorb the kinetic force from a sustained ram raid attack.


The Raminator has been proven effective against cars, 4x4s and construction vehicles such as diggers and tractors.

Raminators can be pre-fit or retro-fit onto ATMs from most manufacturers, with separate models available for lobby, TCR and TTW ATMs.

All Raminators come with an installation kit which makes it easy to secure the ATM to the side, rear or floor.

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