Are your decommissioned ATMs a threat to your business?

Are your decommissioned ATMs a threat to your business?

Top 3 reasons secure disposal is critical…
An inappropriately discarded ATM can pose a number of threats to your business, or your customers’ business, from stolen financial data through to assisting organised crime, here are the top 3 reasons you need to ensure your ATMs are securely destroyed.

1. Stop your Machines Advancing ATM Fraud
It is possible for ATM parts in the wrong hands to be reverse engineered for criminal purposes. Engineering in this way can also enable test beds to be used for the development of malware. This process of rebuilding parts of the ATM can help criminals locate weak areas, uncovering ways to breach the safe and exploit the ATMs construction. Criminals can find new ways of integrating technology such as skimmers inconspicuously to commit fraudulent offences. Secure disposal helps prevent parts such as the EPP and Hard drives from being sold on places such as EBay and being purchased for unlawful purposes. Not only does the destruction need to be thorough, each step of the supply chain also needs to be secure and traceable to prevent parts going missing.

2. Protect the Branding
Logo panels can be used illegitimately and installed onto counterfeit ATMs so it’s important to destroy branding as part of the secure disposal process to prevent this. A lot of bad publicity can be generated when branding is associated with a wave of ATM fraud. Ensuring that a thorough secure disposal process is followed protects the valuable reputation of the ATM owner.

3. Prevent Customer Data Theft
There are parts of an ATM that store potentially sensitive customer data including card numbers, account balances, amounts withdrawn along with dates and times. Although the information held is likely to vary between countries, destroying the hard drive removes any possible threat that customer data that may be stolen.

Getting it Right with TestLink
A vital aspect of secure disposal is the ability to track each part from the point of decommission to the point of destruction and to certify the process. This prevents the parts, modules and ATMs from going missing. It is important that the serial number of the part or module is tracked through each of the key stages of secure disposal so that the customer can be assured that they have met the regulatory compliance requirements.

TestLink’s Secure Disposal service also involves the removal of hazardous electrical components from your ATMS in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. This helps to protect the environment from materials which could otherwise prove to be harmful such as lead, mercury and cadmium. 

As an added benefit this will assist your company in maintaining compliance with relevant regulations and accreditations, such as the ISO14001, and will also strengthen your Corporate Social Responsibility policies.
Secure Disposal is a service we’ve perfected here at TestLink. Using our secure storage facility, we are able to take apart your ATM and make sure that all sensitive data and branding are destroyed in compliance with industry best practice. After doing so, we will provide you with full certification for each asset confirming its destruction, giving you full peace of mind. 

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