This is how you could fix an Aria pick failure, in the field, in under a minute!

This is how you could fix an Aria pick failure, in the field, in under a minute!

What do you do when your Aria Pick is faulty? Power down the ATM, remove the pick module? Now you don't have to! 

Introducing TestLink's new, enhanced, field replaceable, more reliable Low Note Sensor that can be installed without even turning off your ATM.

***Full Demo of the installation in the video***

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This is a sensor that is going to radically change the way you deal with Aria Pick Module failures, its going to save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

This sensor has undergone vigorous field tests and is proven to be far more reliable than the original sensor and most importantly it’s field replaceable.

This Low Note Sensor, can easily be carried as part of your field engineer’s van kit, and it will enable them to repair the majority of Aria Pick Module failures on site and in minutes.

Its not practical to be carrying Aria Pick modules around in engineer vans, so you are most likely sending these to repair centres, where the turnaround time is going to be at least a day or two. With our Low Note Sensor you are going to strip out all of that time and all of that cost incurred by the logistics.

Our repair centre work on a lot of Aria pick modules and we’ve found that approximately 70% of all the pick failures were caused by a faulty or broken low note sensor, so this new sensor is going to help you save a lot of wasted time and money.

We’ve specifically designed this product to be robust and easy to install, watch the video to see exactly how quick and easy it is, we'll walk you through the specific process your engineers would use in the field.

As well as it's ease of use, our low note sensor is far more reliable than the original OEM sensors, that is due in part to our solid-state switches, where are the original had glass ones. Because we support companies that maintain thousands and thousands of ATMs, we have a lot of usage data to inform our design process and one of the shocking stats we found was that the original sensor can quite commonly fail after as little as 1 week of usage!

With our new Sensor you will not have to remove the pick module, there are no logistics involved, no hours of repair time, in a matter of minutes you have a working Aria Pick module and this sensor will last much longer than the original, so you will see you volume of pick module failure decrease overall! All whilst not even having to power down the ATM.

If you want more information about our new low note sensor, or would like to place an order, get in touch today. Call +44(0)1202 627100 or Email

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