Protect Your ATM Estate - Prevent Blackbox Attacks!

Protect Your ATM Estate - Prevent Blackbox Attacks!

We have developed a range of anti-fraud devices especially for the NCR 66 series designed to thwart Blackbox style attacks on your ATMs. The 6634 and 6625 have frequently fallen victim to fraudsters who gain access by attacking the plastic deposit slot blanking plate. 

The TestLink Deposit Protection Kit has been thoroughly field tested and proven to prevent access through these notorious fascia weak points. 

Deposit SLot Protection

With the benefit of 30 years’ experience and extensive analysis of ATM attack method trends, our team of inhouse engineers have been able to pinpoint the exact threats and create a solution that delivers increased security and peace of mind. These reinforcements have been engineered to perform without disruption to the customer experience and no reduction in functionality. 

When you buy from TestLink you also get:

  • Further price reductions when ordering larger quantities
  • Our 90-day 'no-quibbles' guarantee
  • Fast delivery times
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Advice - take advantage of our 30 years of experience

If you want to know more about TestLink anti-fraud devices get in touch today - - +44 1202 621100

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