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LED Logo Panel Upgrade Kit

Flickering fluorescent tubes can be a significant cause of ATM failure, causing power spikes that can force the ATM to enter a forced reset cycle, or worse, completely short out - forcing the machine out of service and irrevocably damaging many of the other electrical components contained inside and cause user irritation.

The connector cable allows you to easily install the LED tube

To help businesses reduce their ATM downtime, TestLink is able to provide an LED Logo Panel Upgrade kit. Containing an LED tube and harness, the installation kit removes many of the issues caused by fluorescents, and helps ATM deployers and maintainers to see a significant return on investment soon after installation.

Low Cost of Ownership

Because an LED tube is a solid-state light source, it is able to withstand the kind of temperature fluctuations, power spikes and rugged handling conditions that cause fluorescent tubes to fail (on average) less than 12 months after installation. This durability means that an LED tube can remain operational and show no degradation in quality for over 6 years - far exceeding that of its fluorescent equivalent.

Easy to Install

Installation of the LED tube is simple and straightforward. Unlike fluorescent tubes the LED tube can be connected directly to the ATMs Miscellaneous Interface Board (using the harness that comes with the installation kit), eliminating a common failure point and removing the need to stock and/or replace the lighting ballast.

Environmentally Friendly

LED lamps have a significantly lower impact on the environment than their fluorescent counterparts. Consuming far less energy and generating less heat compared to a fluorescent, LEDs are also recyclable and contain fewer toxic components.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easier to maintain
  • Simple to install
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Average lifespan of over 6 years longer than fluorescent