NCR Cassette Testers can eliminate costly configuration

How an NCR Cassette Tester can eliminate costly configuration

Avoid adverse publicity and cost of misdispensing ATM

The media often report on ATMs dispensing the wrong amount of cash to members of the public.  This is costly, embarrassing and the bad publicity can harm your company’s brand image. 

Cassettes are a fundamentally important part of an ATM; however, these modules can also prove to be extremely problematic if not setup correctly.

There are many problems which can arise as a result of poorly configured ATM cassettes including misdispensing cash notes and jamming.

TestLink has developed a purpose-built tester for NCR cassettes to identify potential issues which may hinder the ATM’s ability to operate correctly.

1.  Correct Denominations

It can be difficult to ascertain exactly which denomination a cassette is set up for without placing it inside the ATM itself and running a manual test.  This is a process which is time consuming.

The cassette tester

  • Checks cash low function
  • Checks cassette configuration
  • Uses a simple LED light identifying the corresponding denomination

2.  Shutter Issues

A common failure is the shutter failing to open correctly and this can cause dispensing failures in the cassette. In more extreme cases, this can also damage the ATM so that even a replacement cassette will not dispense.

Under normal circumstances, it can be difficult to discover this issue outside of the ATM; however, the NCR cassette tester makes this possible.

As the cassette is inserted into the tester, a mirror at the rear confirms that the shutter is undamaged and working correctly.

Furthermore, this test also confirms that there is nothing jammed in the cassette mechanism.  It also confirms whether or not the cassette itself is optimally aligned for a smooth insertion into the ATM which helps to avoid mechanical issues such as jamming from occurring.

3.  Detecting Low Cash Volumes

Some ATM owners use forecasting software to establish set times to replenish cash, however, this technique is not used by all banks.

On some networks the cash low sensor fitted on the ATM is triggered by the cassette and reports to the networks that cash is low.  When a cassette is low on cash, its status is reported back through the ATM network who will arrange for it to be restocked at an appropriate time.

If this feature is not working, the ATM will not report low cash levels.

TestLink’s NCR cassette tester is a simple-to-use product which provides service companies with a number of important benefits and its portable design also makes it perfect for use both in the workshop and in the field.

The tester helps to improve productivity as well as increase the overall uptime of ATMs by reducing their susceptibility to common issues which can be detrimental to their performance and reliability.

TestLink is a leading ATM service organisation which provides services such as inventory management, parts supply and professionally refurbished ATMs.

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