Wincor SLM Training

Wincor SLM Training

Course Number TL1027
How long does it last? 3 Days
How many students are there per course? The course is set to a maximum of 4 people to enable the optimum instructor to student ratio.
What is it about? Instructor-led training based around TTW and lobby ATMs. The course is 90 per cent hands on for the students and involves module operating theory, removal of modules, strip down to field repairable levels, reassembly and refitting. Common failures and troubleshooting is covered for each module. 
Who is it aimed at? ATM field technicians, support engineers, ATM trainers, help desk support staff, rework centre technicians.
What should you know before attending? Basic electrical theory is a prerequisite for training. The student needs to understand volts, amps, and ohms and the difference between AC and DC. They must be able to use a multimeter to read resistance and voltages.
What will you achieve?

If successful, after the course the student will be able to:

  • Diagnose ATM faults down to module level and below
  • Replace any part or module
  • Carry out recommended adjustments
  • Carry out recommended preventative maintenance
Which models are covered? 1500XE, 1500XE USB, 2050XE, 2050XE USB, 2100XE, 2100 XE USB
Which modules are covered?
  • Dispenser: AZM NG, CMD V4
  • Card readers: ID 18, CHD V2X, CHD V2XU
  • Printers: ND9C, TP07
  • PC Cores: Beetle, Embedded PC P3, PC P4, Swap PC EPC A4
  • Operator panels: V24, USB, OP05
  • PSUs: Central PSU 2, Central PSU 3
  • Special Electronics: SE 3 and SE USB
  • EPP: V4, V5, V6
What about software? Software varies greatly from FI to FI so a general guide to Procash menu systems is covered. Ideally the customer's own software can be loaded to our ATMs during the training for complete coverage.
How do you measure effectiveness? All students will have a half to one day fault finding session combined with a written exam. Certificates will be issued subject to a pass mark of 75% or more.
Where and when? If held at our Poole facility the course runs from 09:00 to 16:30 daily. Lunch will be provided.
Can you train at my site? Yes, we can train anywhere subject to the instructor checking the ATMs and equipment prior to the start of the course.
Any more questions? Please contact or +44 (0)1202 621100.

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