NCR 6626

NCR 6626

The NCR 6626 is an exterior through the wall and vestible ATM.  The ATM is a slimline machine which is suitable for where space is at a premium.  The NCR 6626 is also known as the SelfServe26. 


TestLink offer the NCR 6626 either refurbished or remanufactured.


NCR 6626 1498 x 470 x 1257mm


CEN1 safe = 538Kg

(Please note this is a typical weight. Actual weight will be dependent on safe type and configuration)

Power Supply

90-136 V~/ 180-264 V~, 50-60Hz

Temperature Range

+10˚C to +40˚C

Cash Cassettes

1 - 4 cash cassettes - 2,000 notes per cassette


NCR 5870, 5877, Wincor 1500XE