Keeping Personas ATMs Secure and Compliant

Keeping Personas ATMs Secure and Compliant

Keeping Personas ATMs Secure and Compliant

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In February this year, NCR announced it was launching a brand new range of ATMs, the NCR SelfServ™ 80 Series.

Citing a range of new technological and accessible features and boasting recognition as an International Design Excellence Awards 2016 finalist, the new “family of ATM solutions” is the latest in a series of upgrades seemingly launched in quick succession.

But completely upgrading your entire estate can be a far from economical affair.

For many still running a suite of SelfServ’s predecessor machines, the NCR Personas, an upgrade to SelfServ models can be all too costly an undertaking, both financially and in terms of resources. Brand new, fully functioning ATMs can often cost upwards of £25,000 each machine and that’s excluding the estimated £3,000 cost for de-installation and re-installation.

Add to this a “sun-setting” of technical support from NCR for their older Personas models (meaning also that these OEM parts are becoming harder to find) and you can see why so many IADs and financial institutions have found themselves in a difficult position.

That’s why TestLink have developed a range of specifically engineered Personas component upgrades allowing your machines to remain both compliant and secure.


Fully Compliant EPPs

The latest PCI PIN and PTS requirements have brought about changes to the way that PIN encryption keys are managed. As you would expect, these are sophisticated changes focussed on reducing existing vulnerabilities.

The Personas EPP (EPP 1) is approved only to the requirements of PCI PTS Version 1.0 - but this has now expired. NCR has confirmed that no further PCI PTS V3.0 compliant EPPs will be produced for use in Personas ATMs and this could leave potential cavities in your ATM estate’s security. In response to the issue, TestLink offer fully compliant, easy to install PIN entry upgrades in the form of our SZZT EPP that comes complete with PCI certification.


Talladega Core

Organisations still running P70 machines may well have been told that they can’t operate with Windows 7 or higher. That’s due to the ATMs inability to physically hold a Talladega Core (the component which houses the Windows core software). Thanks to TestLink’s in-house engineered solution however, that’s simply no longer the case. We’ve created a new, slimline version of the core especially developed for insertion into the older P70 machines, enabling them to run with the latest software technology. Great news for your engineers, even better news for your customers.


Improved Dispensing Security

If you’re not in a position to upgrade to the latest ATMs you might have some concerns about the Personas’ ability to stand up to ever-evolving security threats. With attacking technology continuously advancing, you’ll want modern protection that’s not useless in your machines.

TestLink continuously monitors emerging threats and works with key partners to develop products that prevent them occurring.

It’s worth noting; even if you are in possession of a newer suite of NCR SelfServ ATMs, security threats are a long way from non-existent. It always pays to take a defensive approach to protecting your estate, particularly in light of the successful Black Box Attacks reported in the UK at Through-The-Wall (TTW) NCR SelfServ ATMs. Full details can be found here.

Our range of security devices includes Anti-Cash Trappers, Anti Black-Box Cables, Anti-Skimming Devices and Pin Guards. To discuss the full range and to find out which options are best for you, speak to a member of our team on +44(0)1202 621100.

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