4 Benefits of Remanufactured ATMs

4 Benefits of Remanufactured ATMs

Descriptions such as “Remanufactured” and “Refurbished” can sometimes have negative connotations attached to them, with the expectancy of low quality, poor reliability and products with shorter working lives.

However, in the case of TestLink’s remanufactured ATM terminals, this simply isn’t the case.

Cycle of Refurbished ATM

Here are 4 reasons to purchase a remanufactured ATM over a brand new OEM model

  1. Massive Savings

Purchasing  a remanufactured ATM can provide savings of up to 70%. 

The substantial savings afforded by choosing a remanufactured machine provides you with the opportunity to invest more heavily in other areas of the business without neglecting the operational capabilities of your ATM estate.

  1. Extensive maintenance work

Our engineers have considerable experience in the industry and understand the exceptionally high standards required in order for these complex machines to operate effectively over an extended period of time, often in dirty, hot or cold environments.

At TestLink, our remanufacturing process extends far beyond that of a typical repair.

Engineers strip the original machine of its modules, thoroughly cleaning and servicing these where necessary and then begin to rebuild machines to the same standard as a new OEM version as a minimum.

In addition, piece parts which are known to be prone to failure such as capacitors and belts are replaced irrespective of their current condition.

This greatly reduces the likelihood of failures occurring within the machine as this type of proactive maintenance work helps prevent the breaking of parts which are often difficult to access.

This improves mean time between failure.

The ATM is then resprayed.  One of the benefits of a remanufactured ATM is that the spraying can be customised.  This provides the opportunity to bring it in line with your requirements to ensure it is both aesthetically pleasing and complies with your company’s branding. 

Resprayed ATMs

  1. Upgrades

Upgrades are implemented during this process to improve the PC core’s performance and mechanical parts.

These upgrades reduce the likelihood of errors such as cash jams and incorrect cash dispensing from occurring.  They enable you to run a more up to date operating system which makes interacting with IT and Helpdesks easier.  

End users benefit from these upgrades through the increased security levels offered from newer, faster operating systems as well as more advanced graphical user interfaces which improve the transactional experience.

In addition, customers also benefit from upgrades to mechanical components within the ATM which cause them to become far more reliable and less susceptible to downtime caused by internal failures.

Increased uptime of your ATMs will help improve customer loyalty, reduce complaints and entail fewer engineer call outs – a common overhead for any financial organisations ATM estate.

In some cases, a remanufactured ATM may even perform better than a new machine which does not have these bespoke upgrades installed.


  1. Extensive Testing

The modules of the ATM are soak tested in the factory environment for a period of 24 hours.  Soak testing ensures that the ATM has been tested as much as possible before going live for the end user.  Often, on large production lines soak testing is not possible due to the volume of production.  A remanufactured process provides the capability to carry out such testing.

Once the soak test of modules meets our high standards the rebuild of the ATM begins. 

Soak testing occurs before the rebuild of the ATM begins which allows our team to spot any potential issues in the machine early on and help to support the overall success of our remanufacturing processes.

The equipment required for deployment is put together in preparation for delivery.  Such equipment includes software loads, cables, bolts and collar kits.

More about testing: modules refurbished separately and tested extensively.  Modules go back in to the machine and as it is being built gets tested again and then the ATM is tested again by an independent inspector. 

The ATM is sent out for delivery to chosen location, wrapped up and protected.

If you are looking to invest in additional ATMs, the purchase of a remanufactured unit can be extremely beneficial to your company, not only in terms of initial savings, but also because of the detailed and thorough work our engineers conduct to ensure you receive high quality and reliable machines.

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