TestLink Apprenticeships in Dorset

Unleashing Young Talent With Apprenticeships In Dorset

There are myths surrounding aTestLink Apprenticeshipspprenticeships. Myths which can rob young people of brilliant careers if left unbusted.

Think apprenticeships are old school or only for engineers? You could not be more wrong.

It’s time we put the record straight – to ensure Dorset’s raw talent hits the heights we know it can achieve.

How do we know? We've been there. Every day we see yesterday’s young apprentices becoming today’s smart managers. And it makes us proud.

Apprenticeships are the best bridge between education and work.

They provide the most relevant possible training that anyone could ever receive. Classroom learning and on-the-job training – it’s a great combination.

Earn as you learn.  It’s more than a mantra – it’s a brilliant way of helping and challenging youngsters to be the best they can be.

And it helps to secure their financial future at the same time.

Make no mistake. Apprenticeships are not a soft option. Nor are they inferior to pure classroom studies.

An apprenticeship is a badge of honour. It means you have been chosen. Students selected to be apprentices join an elite.

And it’s not all about engineering. We have apprentices in Business Improvement Techniques, Management and Team Leading programmes.

Remember those words ‘management’ and ‘team leading’. Become an apprentice and you’ll be reading those words a lot of coming years.

By now you’ll have realised we’re passionate about apprenticeships and what they deliver.

It’s all about symbiosis:

  • apprentices get great qualifications, experience and careers
  • employers build up a great pipeline of talent individuals.

As an employer we have a responsibility to step up and help Dorset’s young people to develop their skills. Not just wait to be spoon-fed graduates.

It’s a massive win-win for everyone involved: apprentices, families, education providers, us, the wider economy.

At TestLink we’ll have 20 apprentices by the end of this month...with more to come.

It could be you. Or someone you know.

  • Students – join a world-class company that’s transforming the world of ATM machines and cash handling
  • Parents  – secure your youngsters’ future with the vital career boost they need
  • Teachers  – give your students the best real-world experience of work and technology.

Excited by the opportunities? You should be.

Hungry for success? We want to meet you.

To find out more about opportunities at TestLink, contact a member of the team by clicking here.


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