Early Careers

Early Careers

Every year TestLink offers a number of ‘Early Career’ opportunities, designed to kick-start your career in your chosen profession. Training and development forms a fundamental part of these roles, and many come with fully funded academic and professional qualifications. These opportunities come in a number of forms, including; Foundation, Advanced and Degree Apprenticeships, Paid Internships, Graduate and Trainee roles.

Open vacancies that we are currently recruiting for are advertised on our Vacancies page.


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We have a number of apprenticeship opportunities, from Level 2 right through Master equivalent, Level 7. All of our apprenticeships are designed to give you a solid foundation for a long and successful career with TestLink. All apprentices have the opportunity to gain broad experience in the chosen area of the business, work on real-life projects, obtain additional industry qualification or certifications, as well as develop career enhancing skills, such as project management and effective presenting.

Spencer, Engineering Support Technician

Spencer Profile

"After college I considered going on to university, but I felt a more hands-on method of learning would suit me better, so I opted for an apprenticeship with TestLink instead. I chose TestLink as their apprenticeship offered the most variety in terms the different types of work and projects that I would get to do.

The whole team were supportive throughout my apprenticeship and I was offered lots of guidance. It is great to work with likeminded individuals and there is a good sense of comradery in the workshop; which is why I decided to continue my career with TestLink after my apprenticeship ended.

The best part about working at TestLink is the variety and complexity of the work, one moment I could be sat at my computer making a CAD drawing and the next I’m getting my hands dirty in the work shop fabricating a part. Even though my apprenticeship now complete I am still learning all the time and I’m looking forward to developing my career and going even further at TestLink."

Matthew, Level 4 Software Development Apprentice

Matt R Profile

"I chose to do an apprenticeship with TestLink as it was an opportunity to learn hands on, in the job, alongside industry professionals. I am able to immediately apply what I am learning into my day to day tasks. Another benefit is that, as I’m immersed in a business environment, I always have support with my learning readily available from experienced colleagues. In fact all of the staff were very welcoming and supportive and TestLink always prioritise my education over anything else that I may be doing.

The best thing about being at TestLink has to be the opportunities I’ve been given to develop and test myself. You are pushed out of your comfort zone to help you learn more and you are given real responsibility and real projects with value to the business, which is very rewarding!

Now that I have completed my Level 3 I am progressing onto a Level 4 apprenticeship which means I’ll obtain a degree in Software Development, whilst earning a competitive salary and incurring no student debt. I’m looking forward to a long and rewarding career with TestLink"

Paid Internships

Spending a year with TestLink, on one of our paid internships gives you the ideal opportunity to take the very first steps to building a successful career in your chosen profession. You will develop new skills, fine-tune existing ones and apply the theory of your degree to real-world scenarios within a commercial business. During your time at TestLink you will get to learn from experienced professionals, and be empowered and supported and even take the lead in a project of your own.

Holly, Sales & Purchasing Intern

Holly Profile

"I have been lucky enough to spend my 12-month placement in the Sales and Purchasing teams at TestLink. The main reason that I decided to complete a placement year was for the experience that I would be able to gain. Completing my placement has given me invaluable knowledge that I will not have gained simply through study. I have also been able to apply my study to real life day to day work as well as situations that are unique to my time at TestLink. This will be unbeatable experience for helping me in the final year of my degree and for my future career, as it has given me an insight into the path that I wish to pursue after I graduate.

I chose to come to TestLink because of how unique it is. Working in the ATM industry is not something you hear about every day, it's opened my eyes to something new and makes working at TestLink exciting and very interesting. I also chose TestLink because of the business itself, it's the ideal size, I've had exposure to multiple aspects of a business, without feeling lost in a sea of people. The work that I have carried out has made a difference, which is rewarding and very motivational. Being able to see my effort and work being successful is one of the best things about working at TestLink."