The Updated TestLink ATM Glossary

The Updated TestLink ATM Glossary

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When you've been working in the industry a while, you get used to the strange sounding acronyms banded about between one ATM insider and another. But for a newbee, this can all prove a little over-whelming. Even the most seasoned fintech experts can be forgiven for confusing their EPROM's with their EEPROM's from time to time (note the extra 'e!').

That's why we've pulled together a full, comprehensive glossary to act as a go-to reference for some quick translations in those moments of need.

It's a resource that we've always had on our websites. With a little help from our expert Martin however and his team of industry pro's, we can now bring you an updated version.

So if you want to know your 'BNA's' from your 'TTW' have a look at the new improved glossary here.

And if you've found yourself here in the hope of learning the 'text speak' definition of ATM (completely unrelated to our 'Automated Teller Machine' definition), you're in luck; we can translate that too - it means 'at the moment.' 

We aim to please.

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