Diagnosing Your NCR ATM

Diagnosing Your NCR ATM

We regularly have customers ask for advice on diagnosing issues with their ATMs. For many ATMs this can involve some very complex software, and require an engineer to be on site to analyse the results from the diagnostics tests.

For NCR ATMs (cash-out as well as intelligent deposit), we sell ATMdesk, specialised diagnostics software that can do all the hard work for you - providing you with a set of easy to use tools to find the fault yourself. So what is it you need to know about ATMdesk?

1. It is a complete alternative for NCR ATM hardware diagnostics

2. You don't need a NCR Field Engineer disk key to use it

3. You do not need to know the NCR diagnostic status codes

4. It’s much more affordable than the NCR alternative

5. ATMdesk will work on your ATM no matter what software your ATM runs

6. ATMdesk Is fully supported by the ATMdesk team, with resources also held online to help you learn the product

7. TestLink is a UK approved distributor of ATMdesk

Having diagnosed any problems with your NCR ATM yourself, you may then need to repair the parts. Did you know we do that too? We are experts in NCR ATMs, and are able to repair or replace parts and get them to you anywhere in the world - all with short lead times and a 90 day guarantee.

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