LCD Screen Replacement Kits

LCD Screen Replacement Kits

One of the most critical and costly components of an ATM is the monitor. With an average service-life of around 12,500 hours, most CRT monitors can last for years with average home use.

However for ATMs it’s a different story. Constant use can often lead to screen burn and discolourations, making the screen seem unsightly and hard to read. This can make it very hard for the end user to use the machine, and in more extreme cases can even put them off using it altogether.

For lobby ATMs this can be bad enough, however through the wall ATMs such as those housed in high streets often suffer even greater discolouration and screen wear due to the effects of weathering and sunlight.

The solution to this is to replace your old CRT screen with an LCD display. LCD displays have a much longer service-life (around 60,000 hours), are cheaper to replace and maintain, easier to read and completely resistant to issues such as screen burn and discolouration. As such the total cost of ownership for an LCD screen is much lower, while at the same time greatly increasing the overall quality and ease of use of your ATM.

To help you bring your ATM into the 21st century, TestLink are proud to bring you their 8.4”LCD Screen Upgrade Kit. Designed in-house to negate the often costly components used by the OEMS, our replacement kits can provide you with the same high quality of design for a significantly lower price. Taking just minutes to install, our unique replacement kits have already been installed in hundreds of ATMs around the world and are a fine addition to the range of TestLink designed and manufactured ATM parts range.

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