Countdown to £10 Polymer!

Countdown to £10 Polymer


Polymer Bank of England


Ok, so it's probably not a level of excitement shared by everyman and his dog across the UK but it's fair to say that, here at TestLink, we're getting just a little bit of excited about the launch of the new £10 note on 14th Sept. As you'd expect we're note nerds and darn proud of it and the reason for our excitement comes down to 3 key things;

1. Quite frankly, it gives us a chance to show off our expert knowledge on the impact this change will have on ATMs and the necessary adaptations that'll need to take place.

2. It gives us another great excuse to speak to our wonderful clients and partners. There's nothing quite like that special buzz you get from helping people (a 'passion to serve' remember?) - and we love helping them prepare for polymer and future-proof their machines.

3. Sad as it sounds, we genuinely really love what we do. We're inspired by new fintech and industry advancements so significant industry events like these really do get us all riled up!

For anyone involved in ATM ownership, estate management or maintenance operations, there are a number of measures that need to be carried out in order to prepare the machines for the new £10. At TestLink we're already assisting our customers in making sure the transition is smooth no matter which machines they're running.

To find out what you need to be doing and to get the ball rolling (whether that's cassette reconfiguration or installing new parts upgrades) you can make an enquiry with us here or simply get in touch on +44 (0)1202 621100.

To learn more about the new note (specifically it's new security features) take a look at the Bank of England's video guide here

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